Campus and Shop History

The Outfitters store shop was originally built as the Long Creek two-room school house in 
the early 1910's. In 1935 the building was moved to it's present location.

During the 1950-60’s the historical school house was used as a residence. In 1970 
Wildwater Limited rafting company started operations in the building and had communal 
living quarters.

In 1979 Bruce Hare started the Chattooga Whitewater Shop with money borrowed from his 
father. As the original whitewater shop in the area, paddlers throughout the US and world 
came to know the Chattooga Whitewater Shop, known to many as “Bruce's Shop”.   
Bruce eventually built a second building on the premises as a restaurant which he 
eventually used as his residence.

In May 2003, after 22 years in business, the shop was purchased by two paddling buddies 
Mike and Ryan.  Since then the partners have spent time and effort renovating the shop 
and reviving the business.

During the summer of 2004 the two partners decided to open a restaurant for hungry 
paddlers and converted the adjoining building into Humble Pie pizza.

Today as a successfully revived business, Chattooga Whitewater Outfitters and Humble Pie remain 
the heart and soul of the Chattooga River and Long Creek, SC.  Paddlers, fishermen, 
outdoors enthusiasts and local community all gather to experience what Chattooga 
Whitewater Outfitters and Humble Pie have to offer.

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